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Why Your Not Making Sales In Your Ecommerce Store


Do you want to get more sales in your online store ?

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If your started a store and its been months and no one has purchased it is normal but in this episode of Ecommerce Dynasty

I want to tell you why your not making any sales, I also want to keep you up to date with changes in  the ecommerce industry so i will give you one tip per day


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The things is anyone can copy another person’s Idea but the key  is to make it unique as you can this means there are Forever 21 styled stores online like XXXX the key is being in tune with the trends  of the customers This week  we made a sale but sometimes running out of shipping boxes can cost off from profits.


In this Podcast 

Find list sale ship get started now with your store stop playing around and get started

  • The 5 reasons most Ecommerce stores fail and how you can prevent from becoming one of them
  • Ebay Sell Through Rate and How to list faster on Ebay Amazon and Shopify how to make more sales in your store by syndicating your items
  • Best Ecommerce  Store Research Software 
  • We cannot Guarantee you will be a millionaire, I would be lying… if i said that and anyone who does is likely just a MLM styles salesman on You tube sure I do offer Courses Now on the site but it is at the lowest cost possible $27 course to get you started on the right path I also cover content marketing as a bonus because I want you to succeed not FAIL.

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Free content marketing checklist for your ecommerce store.

I have a survey on Ecommerce apps and if you  have made sales with Ebay in the past were you  a Drop Shipper or a Wholesaler with product on hand ?

Comment below on your expierence no spam  please

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