How to Use Amazon as a Drop Shipper

Amazon as a drop shipper well maybe if you have Prime you can use this method to post niche based products and sale them for as low as $30 -$50 or Two times the price listed you can create a store in minutes you will need some money to host but everything else will be free because you will do it yourself. You will be able to make money because of your simple easy design and also your ability to be human this means you have a call center a email team a chat service on your website .

You will need a website Shopify or WordPress you will also be able to have more control and save your customers name and phone numbers and address for your own records other small business start ups do not keep records so be a business person and keep your records you will need to keep track of supplier names.



Free Tip to Make More Sales 

We use csv sheets by using Google forms keep track and look at stock daily also shipping is also important early morning orders will be processed end of business day if your customers order does not process before the cut off time you will be late on shipping so make sure to use the policy of a shipping time of 12 PM  or 3 PM that way you build trust create a logistics department and offer a fee for each item ship within the price of the item we also throw in a free item for all orders. If you do not have the funds to do this do not offer it we offer free shipping and tax is also within the price this means the customers price is cheaper than their local stores and we ship fast and free this builds trust,

If you are in doubt i can show you how i made $300 in sales in my drop ship store with no mentor to teach me how to accomplish a sale I have had 600K people come to my site and the problem was i did not know so now i  have a check in i was too busy working on this website to  take notice !



Make it Happen Captain !

You need to become a great sales man or women and understand you are selling if you have to pay someone on  to create so be it we offer a full website designed to perfection but if you want to do it yourself and just know its not easy being greasy you will be a novice if your looking for a simple way to create Logos create sales copy i will teach you how to make it happen !

#If your new to eCommerce don’t worry the difference is i will teach you how to create a site that is simple easy and some free but you will get more sales with a premium theme you also need to blog daily you have inventory if you do not someone else will so why bother paying for a store if you lack the patience of positioning at the right time i use amazon tracker to ensure the market is not saturated also i use eBay to research items i found out i can create hand made products and sale them for $500 commission per item.

Getting back to Amazon all you do is post the same image on your store page 

Add a long description with keywords do not skip this step !!! If you need help please become a member we will teach you how to create content for humans that will drive more free traffic to your site. Pay attention to the category on Amazon use the same categories and copy and paste description add your own Brand name and a paragraph with the keywords related to the main keyword within the content.


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