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Hot Niche Products just for you to test in your store all the variables need to be in place .

Proper design and easy ordering is the main reason a lot of people purchase also trust is a big issue so next post we will be talking about useful apps that you can use in your WordPress store we will also Build a Shopify store and add products so come to  our webinar we have prepared a list of items needed before attendance to the webinar.

Products are something that a lot of people struggle with but nothing is a easy fix because you need to find the right product that has a demand more than its supply we want to help you with this post you will find the products we searched online and seen a trend of these items our next post will be about low hanging fruit and also how to make money from your free and paid blogging for your website.





New Tutorials Step By Step Web Design Course Coming Soon !

Our WordPress tutorial will also focus on custom themes we are building a store for a client and we want to show you how it will come together overtime we build our stores within 7 days or less depending on the request time alotted from the client or partner.Also check our library for short videos on helpful tools to give your website a professional  look .We build sites that are customized to the product one tip is spacing we recommend 2-4 sentences and then a space.

Designing with your product in mind is always something to keep in mind . You can use free stock images and add a custom look to your products using canva letter to create a photo of your own with a logo added to it if your not using WordPress.




Top 20 Products to Sell with Your New E-commerce Start Up ?

  1. Micro USB cable

  2. Bee Leather Bracelet

  3. Anti Fatigue foot compression sleeve

  4. 100 pcs of Wall Stickers

  5. Toddler Flower Leggings

  6. Universal Audio Music Bluetooth

  7. Steam Punk Glasses

  8. Polo Messenger Bag

  9. Merrys Iron Man 3 Glasses

  10. Bike Rain coat

  11. Digital tone hearing aid

  12. 10 pcs Black head Remover pads

  13. Front Facing Baby Carrier

  14. Toddler Girl clothing sets

  15. Baby Bottle Brush

  16. Baby Monitors

  17. 3 pc Baby Body suit

  18. Knife set

  19. Led Lamp Light  Bulbs

  20. 12v car wash device car washing machine cleaning pump high





Make sure to do your research for people a  specific area to sell your product to this is very important see more how to research using Google tools that are free . Listen to our next episode on our podcast How to price your products as a special bonus trip wire items will be the next topic we discuss.

if you are  unsure as to what these are these are impulse, items under $50. Our research shows that people hesitate over $50 especially a store they do not trust also we will offer tips how to make more sales for those who have built a eCommerce store but have no sales .

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