Shopify Helper | How to Build a Custom Shopify Store

Shopify Helper | How to Build a Custom Shopify Store


In this video we will show you how to build a store with Shopify our goal is to share as much as we can free yes we do offer a hosting plan and advanced training’s but we offer practical  tactical strategies to grow your audience.

Thinking to hard ?

Do not over think it  !

too many people think too hard and do not do a thing so keep in mind i am no expert at all things so time to time i will recommend a product or service not on our site to help you not all are free but we want to keep the cost down to under $50 per month for those of us that can gradually work at home full time we need to implement a calendar of accountability. This means you have a deadline to keep up with a schedule to create edit and publish new products and a blog post and product page.


Let’s think about a Niche Market if your wondering how this works then join us for our free training right now!

The formula of success will be the volume of search demographics and time to ship the items to your customers if you make items say no more and skip to the section that applies.The formula is easy do not pick low search volume products if your service based this training does not apply.



Your shopify store can be a start to a great business we will task you with finding a great theme or you can choose a theme from our recommended options we will show you during our advanced training we will show you how to do a little seo and also video marketing at the same time we are all about teaching you ways to be successful you can take a piece of traffic that is not going to Amazon by creating your own store on their platform.




The Youtubers who are 12 and say they made $15 their first week well i hate to tell you it may be true but their trainings are given to the same people and the issue is no business has a one size fit all training so this is why we offer one on one  consulting this means full exposure to a custom business plan and who your audience is by targeting the right people and the right places, we are not a one size fit all company we offer trainings but each training offers the option to become a member with full access to private trainings and podcasts and we offer reports on hot niche markets free at a $5000 value it cannot be priced due to the time and effort we put into  our research and we offer custom seo based websites that target words people are  searching for ….



The Key  is learning how to be in as many places were your potential customers are in the same place so that means PAYDAY we want you to win but we would be lying if we can guarantee your success improves with learning your audience you can’t just post a store online and hope they come you need trust you need reviews you need social media and you need to be focused on the long term.

Try picking a local item that can be delivered we like stencil branding for startups spray paint and a cut out will work just fine for now or a sticker we have a printer and we have boxes from usps so if you need help with acquiring boxes and supplies watch our quick training.


I cannot guarantee you will make tons of money but i can say you will learn how it works i personally had to refund a order because it sold out so it can happen that you will pick a niche with our training and if you do let us know we can help you if you need some help with design or content marketing.



It will take some hard work dedication and patience and ability to adapt we also recommend you have at least $30 $50 a month to invest into your store  a month for ads, Learn how taxes work i speak to business owners who have clue how to do their taxes and it makes me sick people who make millions with their businesses do not care to learn.

You need to remember it is about becoming focused on building a brand not just a store a lot of start up online stores can be a success look at this ebay story on Netflix this is your home work for tonight and i am dead serious!

The research phase we also want to think of ways to stand out by thinking of ways to make sales whether it be a affiliate store or a direct sales store of your own you need colors that speak to your audience ” I can be trusted”  you are random store  and they do not know you so lets keep in mind we will still implement a newsletter chat service will be free  don’t  worry we got you covered  if you want to buy a ready built store already making money see our full podcast and click the video below to see our review on other sites that offer stores that are for sale from shopify that are already making revenue but there is a cost so if you do not mind grinding for the next year come with us !


Stop wasting time


I myself have been in the same place as many just spinning my wheels watching videos and not taking the time to try it any my own way this meant I did make mistakes and this is the reason we created this site to help those that need a place to learn effective  ways to brand and change overtime . Let’s plan ahead and go to shopify name generator and name checker to see if the domain brand name will be used in the domain if possible .


The reason we do this is to not waste time on a arduous mission our hope is that you will find a way to believe in yourself and take a chance start a store and let us help you get it off the ground and scale enjoy our free training and when your ready join us on a webinar we will be updating our podcast on itunes with more content based on online side hustles that can become  a full time income next week we will discuss how to become a seo focused website from day one and listen to our podcast on Organic Traffic Get  people to your site with no paid advertising and stay later for the video about Paid advertising with Facebook.


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