Niche Research Part 2

Niche research can be done in different ways so keep in mind you can run a store all by yourself. If you want to learn the most important part of running a store than read on because this is our last post on research until we show you step by step by video in our full four part course we will help you get started this post will not cover steps to cover but helpful apps websites and resources you can use these tools any way you want.


Marketing & Advertising Resources

!!!!!Premium options will have a  symbol next to it with a $ amount and non paid apps have a symbol of Ο

Buzz Sumo – Use this to see whats trending this is important for your content marketing and very useful you can spy on competitors we also recommend using which us also free to grab keywords and best seller items that you can sell to compete in the same market for those customers who may like your store and not the major retailer. Using our Fast Shipping methods we have seen more success using Buzz sumo to understand what content works for our prospective customers.

Ο & $

Facebook Audience insights- are free and this will allow you to create a customer avatar with this site but we recommend using Google Trends before creating ads see our full webinar on how to create Facebook advertising the common demographic 25-44 age group more women than men on Facebook just so you are aware but that can change over time. Targeting is not some magic trick it’s about the right steps to understand who your audience truly is you will need to do your due diligence and this does not just happen. Using Facebook pixel and also using it on your site will allow you to follow your customer show different pricing and make more sales there is not guarantee but higher likelihood to make sales if your store meets the trust guidelines this means designing and presenting your product effectively is one piece of the process that will mean so much at the end result of your new store you do need a https domain to qualify on Facebook use 1&1 Internet Basic WordPress sites if you would like to save money on your hosting and domain.



Social Groups-

Fiverr- Muliti purpose use site outsource your tasks over time to a dedicated user

Landing Pages are easy if you know what your doing some people use Click  Funnels others use Instapage but what if your like some and do not have the money ?

How Do I Brand My Products for My Store

You can create your own products with your own suppliers or do it yourself you you have a skill 3D printers tshirt printers or use Amazon T Shirt Design or Shopify but because this site will serve as a reference point we will add tutorials to our site in the next few weeks covering these niches in a simple way individual product research videos are a premium option do not buy direct unless you have a relationship with the supplier.  Read our free report on How to Create your own branded products on the cheap using Alibaba and Ali express. 

You can also remove the tags of the items and stamp a logo onto some paper and laminate it with your Branded name using a stamp and write a letter to each customer using the same Logo of your store you can send gifts to your customers. Watch our Branding Video on Boxes and tags and promotional items. Using Mail Poet from WordPress we send our customers new posts weekly that do not sell anything make sure you are not just talking about buying all the time make sure sales are a result of your customers like and trust and what they want keep this in mind.




Facebook advertising Tips Listen to our podcast

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