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What Is Drop Shipping



What is Drop shipping ?

  • Make Passive Income Online
    Learn How to Make Multiple streams of income
    Free and Paid methods at affordable prices
  • Build and scale one store at a time we recommend scaling first our stores are easy to get started just talk to a eCommerce dynasty support agent we are here to help
  • Themes are important and user expierence has to be easy for the person to place a order if updates are not done on time you can lose sale  make sure to update at all times

eCommerce Dynasty is a course offered free and premium build a successful business online the smart way. Easy simple steps to taking your eCommerce store sales to the next level join the channel to get instant updates on new videos on how to customize build WordPress Shopify Stores that convert learn how to write for your target audience learn how to outsource content marketing and focus on advertisements using social networks to leverage their audience to make money.Drop shipping is just one business model you can also use physical products and buy in bulk once you sale a few items drop shipping reinvest it would be nice to know one item to sell wouldn’t’ it well you can just use Amaze OWL Unicorn Smasher best sellers listings and test products local or 100% online.

If your a beginner or struggle to make sales this channel is for you also on this channel learn how to make passive income each week we will add one more course to our free course taking you step by step in creating a profitable niche. You can use sites like Ebay, Aliexpress , Alibaba we do not recommend using a $100 drop ship supply site its a waste of money see our niche post each week we do the research for you and rate the likelihood of success based on estimated search keep in mind Google does not give all the data and neither does Facebook you may see 3% sales out of 96% of the users to view your items. Make certain you have trust seals on your site a phone number chat service is also a must we will teach you how to set up a full site with chat and also how to add items to your store using Shopify Oberlo app check  out our store building exercise

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