Shopify Store | Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Online

Shopify is our #1  Recommended store build aside from WordPress you can get started on a trial today !




If your like most you dont want to learn how to code to create a custom site I dont blame you either but to be honest there is more to just building store. Most gurus  are liars lets face it not all people tell the truth they will pretend they have made millions unless they are interviewing with Shopify Masters do not believe it !

It makes us cringe to think about all the basic store courses out there that do not yield results there is no one size fit all approach you need to RESEARCH and if you do not good luck !

if your new to eCommerce here are a few things to keep in mind. You are not going to make a sale likely if you do not market and promote Shopify next to WordPress has made millions and so have many store owners alike.

Remember your  a new store you need to build reviews and also brand correctly and understand your audience this means looking to promote to the masses is too broad at once so focus on a group or use a community video channel to promote your brand like a blog or social media influences to  drive traffic. Now also take note that the average traditional store may, sit online for a whole year for a sale to be made many make a sale faster its about having the right product that people actually want to buy at a lower amount or better quality . Shipping needs to be fast use USPS to ship your packages to your customers in two days they will have their product in hand , if you want to make it happen with Shopify you need help and this is why we built this site to assist entrepreneurs on their path to success  like many blogs or websites we offer a means to end a road map of best practices that work and we also offer domains and hosting to help you save on starting your home business. We also will offer podcasts of new apps and services to syndicate your store this means you brand across channels with the same name same  message and you do not push your product down someones throat our content marketing course will go deep into this area so stay tuned and join our site.










All Shopify stores will get free tutorials email support dedicated assistance with store building with our free training we offer a basic build of your stores and your free to search online but most of the You tube channels will sell you on an item rather than tell you the truth about eCommerce. Its about the customer if you just want to make money then you should stop now unless your a master sales man and have customers lined up we recommend building a content marketing machine and video suite of information for your store educate entertain your customers with your content that helps them in a way or informs them of a specific topic.

Start a Shopify Store In One Our  with Oberlo 

Categories are important this is the first thing you should know about your store after the research of course simple way to find out is using a example of your competitors and making it happen you cant blame the gurus for a persons failure Tai Lopez for example may not be your cup of tea He made it Happen Why he made it  ! No matter what you think of him he used the basics of marketing Greed Scarcity and being repeatably aggressive and confident and having flashy cars and Beautiful women doesn’t hurt….

Before you start with Shopify you will need $30 per month on average and a domain being it looks less professional on a .Shopify sub domain …

You will also love the fact they have a Forum and also educational newsletter daily they have themes free and paid to offer SSL certificate Free apps will upgrade your store 

We have a full list of free useful apps in our Full Review at the end of this video you will learn the basics of starting a Shopify store Join our community to see us implement all written in this article.


Why Shopify Watch the Video !




Listen to Our Podcast about How to add a Facebook Store from scratch 




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