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Have you started a  Shopify or WordPress store and not sure why your visitors are not adding to cart ? Our eCommerce evaluations are free once per month but we do offer this service for just $15 per hour of research we just need one hour to analyze your website.

Do you need advice or research please see our coaching sessions we offer you can ask questions and get help with advertising plus anything you need help with when it comes to marketing and promoting your eCommerce store.

Do you have no idea what your doing with product categories tags and attributes and want to make sure your website has the proper Search Engine Optimization  structure ? We offer a full Search engine report for your store and also a full evaluations of your product and also the market report will show you what is in demand and what is not in demand we also offer themes that can increase your ability to make more sales if required.

An eCommerce design for a website is a bit more expensive than a 
standard static website, but for an ecommerce business – an
internet-based business that conducts financial transactions
online – an eCommerce design for the website is fundamental.

When considering your website development needs, you may wonder
if there are easy ways around getting an eCommerce design for
your website since an eCommerce design is more expensive than
getting a site without eCommerce design features, especially if
funds are tight starting out.

There are a few alternatives to an eCommerce design that could
get you by until you can afford the development expense for an
ecommerce design, but if you take your ecommerce business
seriously, you really do need an ecommerce design because of its
many advantages over other websites.

As an alternative to an ecommerce design, you could use your
website as a lead generation tool without actually conducting
financial transactions online. If you use your website for lead
generation rather than getting an ecommerce design for your
website, you will have many manual tasks to accomplish that will
be time consuming.

You can use a contact form, email, a fax line, or a phone number
to accept orders offering payment options such as sending in a
check or money order or providing a credit card number by phone,
if you have a merchant account.


  • Are you find in search on any page when searching your store
  • Do you have a re targeting system for your customers from Google Facebook and your own website?
  • Do you have a lead capture system ?
  • Do you have customer service system ?
  • Shipping money back guarantee do your customers trust your website ?
  • What is your social media plan how will you reach new people about your Brand New store?
  • Do you have the proper call to action on each page ?
  • Are you using the words of your audience in your product pages blog and overall messaging ?
  • Do you create blog posts people are searching for in your market?

These are just a few of the areas of what we look over on your website so keep in mind there could be other factors that are causing your store not to be ranked in search proper index into search and also social media citations and back links are important but as a new website blog or store you are buried under the publisher sites who produce mass amounts of content each day with employees. Often using a marketplace may be better than creating a website for some who are unable to buy inventory.

We will offer a full report of what you need and what to remove on your website we may recommend copy writing services from one of our consultants so if you need high quality content for your audience we can create five 2000+ word articles to boost your presence online and we will assist with design updates to appeal to your audience and better position you to make sales and increase traffic not all your visitors will buy you need a funnel so if you do not have a email system we have recommendations.


Please select Niche evaluation if you need help choosing a Niche Market


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