Niche Empirez | How to Find Profitable Niche Markets Online

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 Starting a eCommerce store is easy but also can be hard so want to make it easy for you to jump into starting your store .Make sure to keep in mind you are creating a brand not just some random store our goal in this course is to provide easy actionable steps to creating a store that will be authentic .Our research has proven that you do not need paid traffic to get sales but it does help with the right advertisements offers or blog post. Not all people are built to own a store we will help you to make sure you are that person it will take 7 days to create a store that will have 30 products and a few seo posts. Do not make  amateur mistakes and find a business model that makes you profit .A COUPLE OF THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND BEFORE EVEN TRYING TO OWN A STORE Owning , a store is not a game do not steal from your customersIntegrity makes or breaks any business  be able to provide white glove service don’t push products down peoples throatsPrivacy Policy pages Returns policy Guarantee in the side Bar with a badgeCreate a Blog this is a must because you may not be able to afford $1000 per month to get the phone to ring we can show you how freeExpect wear multiple hatsShip the item as soon as you can do you want a bad review ?Branding is not as easy as you think but you can cultivate a message that serves your audience with tips and savings 80/20 RuleMoney back guarantee face it your a new store they don’t know youRe invest into more inventory  do not spend your profitBe knowledgeable about your product ..