How to Start a Commerce Empire


How to Start a Killer Drop Ship Business Online

Host: Camille Nelson

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Biggest mistakes people make Drop shipping and how to avoid them ?

  • No Market research you must know the demand of your product and your competition
  • Poor presentation themes do matter we do not use free themes in our eCommerce stores
  • No Marketing goals No sales call to action
  • No blog
  • No SEO
  • No keyword research
  • No content strategy
  • No offline sales funnel
  • No Newsletter
  • No Keyword Rich Domain
  • No Business Model
  • Bad Profit Margins = No money


Listen to the Podcast about How to start a Drop shipping Business  Understanding How it works is also a main issue we see people struggle with so our short but sweet webisode should help with this questions see our Video of this next at the end of the podcast to learn more…

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