The Importance of Product Page Optimization in Your E commerce Store


The importance of Product Page Optimization from the start using proper design format Hero Images Call to Actions using your audience trigger words to make a sale is not as easy as many may think.


In this series I will do my best to provide easy to understand best practices in creating a product page ( landing page category ) for each product in your store using keywords and customer education the most important thing in  your website is design copywriting and your UX  your store is your 24/7 sales agent put time and effort into  your Shop page and also cart and product descriptions.


Coming soon Building a Basic WordPress Store using Woo commerce

Super Mario Bros
Hot searched Item on Ebay


Many want the easy way out and have a website that just makes money as they sleep the reality is you need to build awareness its going to be impossible to create a website in  a high competition niche with directly targeted keywords but it would not be hard to rank for intent to buy or keywords not used that have been measured by search if your trying to save some money and build a store using proper format and call to actions menus and with ssl certificate trust seals and also take the time to reach your audience each day a new post will cover a specific area at the end of the series a full eBook will be available for download with a video series included free to Ecommerce Empirez members.






What you will find in this  Podcast  & Video series Part one  will touch on highlighted topics

  • 91 areas to focus on in your new eCommerce store 
  • Newsletters and how to collect emails address even if they do not opt-in for your product or service retarget them!
  • User testing with free tools using WordPress
  • Why some stores fail do you have a site that is modern enough to your prospects?
  • Categories matter are you using your pages correctly?
  • How to Build a Professional store using best practices and why courses are not all equal
  • Product descriptions are you doing too much or too little

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