How to Find a Niche -Commerce Start Up Step 1

How to Find a Niche for Your New Store Step By Step Guide

If your not sure how to find a niche your not the only one i struggled before i found this method and our hopes are that you find value in this content because this is the most important step to building a profitable evergreen eCommerce store we ask that your steer  away  from seasonal items but hey money is money seasonal items should be a FBA store or Ebay Seller store  this is the paid version when it comes to anything you must pay to play.

How to find a Niche Fast ?

First you need a subcategory that has little or no competition we use more than one tool to figure this out we have all FREE tools for this tutorial so do not worry about it  because if you ready to pay and scale we offer other full tutorials on how to market and promote our site will be a haven to learn free and also premium options for those ready to step their game up when the time comes of course . Do not let this pass you by  you can drive traffic to your site only because people want to educate which is the research phase this is when try to find reviews and how to use the items if its not a product you have used before our goal is to find commodity items that are needed by a community of people i have seen forums lately on old shavers being sold for $199 and above believe it or not people also by Beard oil to make their hair grow yes on their beards i worked in a small eCommerce store who wanted to stop the refunds i could not believe people purchased beard oil and i had back to back calls with these people it was a small call center and yes it was a scam in my eyes barely legal.


Here are some areas to focus on …….

  1. Find Opportunities in Keywords

  2. Build an Interesting/Captivating Brand

  3. Identify a Customer Pain Point

  4. Identify Customer Passions

  5. Go With Your Passion

  6. Look for an Opportunity Gap

  7. Consider Your Experience

  8. Capitalize on Trends Early



This made me think….. were have i seen this before and Yes it was Shopify i have a partner manager who sends me profitable niches and he urged me to create this site to help people learn to create a eCommerce store and to support those who are new and established. Stop the self limiting thoughts of your too small everyone starts somewhere  this means when your looking at niches look at local stores look at the items on infomercials it does not mean that exact product but here are a few items to think about also keep in mind there are niches people are passionate about.

  • Pets
  • Baby
  • Electronics (caution make sure you have a warranty from your supplier )
  • Beauty
  • Hobbies
Pet Niche Super Lucrative

Pet items like Cages Pet supplies and some sell dogs cats etc the sky the limit you must take in account is it local or online only

Baby supplies Baby monitors bottle brushes , Baby training toilets, Diaper Bags

Electronics did you know phones can be sent to apple for a fee you can get gift cards you can create a store based on recycled phones or you can buy and sell local or online only PC’s, Lap Tops fit bit watches, cameras, software to name a few Video games and systems as well as cd lots do very well but you must find the demand on that platform

Keep in mind i could go on and on but these are best for example purposes you can sell one item at the right price and make $$$

Here are the four things i ask myself the whole time i am looking at the rankings




Quality versus a quick Buck?

I also use trends of items beings sold via Twitter , FB Google plus

  1. Question is will  your products be quality or low quality ?
  2. How can you brand a new store that has no real trust ?
  3. What is your business model
  4. How much time will you put in ?


I do not want you to get information overload…. Podcast will expand more on this topic become a member to join our Free Webinar Training !

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