Have you been having trouble Choosing a Niche Market ?

Have you been having trouble Choosing a Niche Market ?

Why are you not able to choose a Niche  Market ?

it is likely information overload I honestly, had this issue too there are so many people online saying different things but after a while i learned that the simple way of looking at things and to be honest the answer has been there the entire time.


I will reveal why you not moving forward…Advice I wish I had when I started online.

Magic ways of finding Niche Markets
Find the magic in the product or service your want to sell


I’m not here to Lie to you it’s not that easy to become a online store, blogger or a content creator at that you need creativity motivation i am a idealist so I have some of what it takes to be optimistic.

It is also about the copy-writing and trust i know your scared but it really doesn’t have to be as hard as you think you can outsource

ecommerce empirez
Read our blog find a market that you have passion for!

Your success or failure begins ENDS & Begins with you period !

Are these issues holding you back …



Not enough money to start a website

Not sure what niche market to choose

I’m Afraid to fail

Too many people give advice and i am not sure who to believe…

It is scary to start a business but if your afraid of starting you never will you have failed to ride your bike and eventually you learned this like anything else will take focus dedication and using the basic understanding of supply and demand.

Ecommerce empirez

Even if your a writer,  and you have some ideas for any kind of media based business these days ….

As a writer you can also use a blog  video channel and also a podcast so it is not all about one place these days but you must choose the place your customers can find you and with a store.

It’s all the same positioning in the places were your customers are was a college course i Loved because it taught me the sociology of sales and  the way people think i also have worked for beauty informational and over 50 products.

I am also concerned there are some great ideas that will never see light cause your telling everyone about your empire you want to build when you should be secretive you need to build its not about flossing and telling all your business.


It depends on you people blame people but do not use what they are being told in school college parents etc we need to remember the simplicity of a business online and offline and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.


Be honest unless your an inventor do not try to private label sell an item that is evergreen and in demand or seasonal even but you need to have a business plan and your SEO, and email list and contact details are just that…


It cannot be taught or learned in one day there are levels of understanding you think Steve Jobs was telling people everything about his next big thing course not just the people that mattered his partners his confidant’s it’s all about digging deep as a entrepreneur you need data and research is your best best but you need to be honest with yourself and build a brand not just a store or you will fail because your site lacks the personalized approach or your blog and even a book Game of thrones is a great series and it great because people related to the characters and your you need to relate to your audience.



The answer is your not confident you are saturated with T shirt side hustles amazon stores agencies you name it once you watch one video you watch them all but now its time to get to work so let me show you the way to build a foundations of a empire.

Coming soon …3 Top Secret Modern Marketing Trends 2018

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