How to Get Unlimited Email Leads on Auto Pilot Using Free | WordPress Plugins

I just found this plugin that will change your life!

The plugin is free using WordPress plugin  the best part it is free now if you want to upgrade then you can but it is not required .Keep in mind our case study has gained us 625 leads!


Advantage of using lead software

  • Track visitors real time watch what pages they visit
  • Track keywords used
  • Abandoned cart and email and this software can show you how to improve your user expierence
  • Using Free tools like Google, and Trends you can cut out the guesswork were your customers are coming from ,

I found out my navigation needs some changes i improved and my site pulls up in the categories I want customers to come to my site ask questions call me if they need to and chat with me as well if you think you can just set the site up and money will come in your dead wrong!


  • ‘Track their movements real time with Lookout using WordPress or Simple Orange Using Shopify stores you do need to add code to your

homepage if you need help let me know!



You can watch like a video recording on the website behind the scenes as if your in a store surveillance room and it’s 100% Free !

We also wanted to tell you about a few other plugins in our free training right here and you will use Google webmaster tools with Google Trends and analytics but you need to know what to look for as well Our webinar will show you how to research and find keywords to target and how to get more leads using our method we have also made a few updates to our site to show our new updated theme we of course have other themes we build custom for our clients with a premium theme of course will get more sales in your store you need a modern eye catching theme since i updated a new theme in my store i made $350 income i do not market or promote the store but this will change in the next few weeks i have owned the store for two years and I have data to backup my information.

I found a site called Simple Orange for non WordPress sites Shopify, also  has some abandoned cart software Free in paid in their App store Try Shopify for 14 days. You will not be charged till the end of the trial period to get a special extension contact us for the trial extender Program.



I  use both Platforms we will almost be done with our Test Developer theme we created for the purpose of case study and trainings we offer on Ecommerce Empirez not to be mistaken with  Ecommerce Empire they are different group on You tube and we are not related in any way we found out about them looking at our position on Google and now we are #3 just Google ecommerce empirez and we will be on the first page.

Being on the first page of Google is something I am ecstatic about I also have started doing case studies on news based websites i work with blogging so my hands are full. I can watch customers activity on my site there is a limit after 7 days you can upgrade to $10 per month plan if your using Shopify for my WordPressnians we need to talk about a different option.

Watch the video to see the FREE plugin for WordPress

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