Best Live Chat Software  WordPress Plugin

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress Plugin (2018) Tutorial

Crisp Chat is the Best Live Chat Software  WordPress Plugin is an easy use software and It is quite affordable Imagine being able to peek at the customer’s information and get web notifications all free with the free version once you start making money you can take advantage of the $25 plan!


Where to Install Crisp Chat WordPress Plugin?

You can download the plugin by going to Plugins> Add Plugin> Search: Crisp Chat >Press install > activate and you’re done!

Or download it by visiting the website here

If you do not use WordPress we also have a Universal chat you can use on Shopify FREE Trial Offer for 14 Days,  or just use one of their apps in the Shopify app store, the importance of chat is even more important for a newly unestablished untrusted store.


Best live chat software wordpress

        Did you know?

Studies show that customers who can chat or call an unknown store are more opt to buy?

Who do you think you are! I mean they do not know you and sometimes it’s good to have a safety net ( sales funnel) to get you there Look at our Tutorial on How to Build an email drip campaign coming on Sunday we will share on our webinar how to build a basic sales funnel without click funnel its a nice software for an established business but if your starting our maybe it may be wise to Build it on your own.



If you do not own a store and short on cash just start with WordPress and use A2 Hosting it starts at $5 per month and some change or we have a special deal for $20 per year to learn more just contact us directly! 






Who wants to pay for a site your not sure will make any $$sure it takes money to make money but you do not need to break your self to accomplish it!

Roman Pohorecki

Best Features of Crisp Chat and what any chat should do for you to consider using it if it costs too much do not start the trial it will be bad once it is over we also have a free 30 day trial recommendation you do not need a credit card to start with but it is Great for those who want to invest into a profitable store Free and paid we have you covered as always.



> Geo targeting see where your customers are coming from
> Magick Browser see what they are Looking an on your website
> Beautiful easy to use User Interface
> Free and Premium Versions Starting at $25 per month
>Brandable add icons and also your own AI chat service common questions can be added
> Use it on more than one site



Building trust is the first step to making more sales we also have added another free quick training on how to add SEO on  page and internal link to your website and the right schema mark up for a website and why you are missing out on Free traffic and Sales with your store, if your not using it take the survey below to see….



Great for building trust, for new e-commerce store owners, our next recommendations are 100% Free no charge to add and no fee the other options are shown in the video Enjoy and have a great day if you should have questions reach out and say Hi in the comments!


Best Live Chat Software  WordPress Plugin
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