How to Improve Your Ecommerce UX (and Pay Less to Sell More)

I came across some great reading and i wanted to pass it on to you. Our site has just started a podcast and we want to make sure to provide daily content to help you build your eCommerce empire and maybe you may not know all the answers but having the right customer service system and user expierence set up will matter at the end of the day you need to make sure to become a expert at understanding the best way to hook customers and the answer may surprise you.


Does the site load quickly?

Is the site easy to navigate?

Is the site as easy and enjoyable on mobile devices?

Is the copy simple, specific and clear?

Are icons labelled and easy to decipher?

Have unnecessary steps been removed?


How to Improve Online store UX Connect with your audience

Adapt to what the people want i had a customer ask me for a product we did not carry in my drop ship store so i then added the variants to the store to make sure we had other options with a variable price to match their need to buy attitude we have chats calls and we have emails sent to us via social media Facebook bot app for our Facebook page we post in Beauty pages with tips on hair and also provide a no hard sale attitude towards content marketing educating informing and helping our customers is our main ingredient.



I will discuss my review of this article plus watch our  Web site only Video Channel to see new videos on How to Build a E commerce store in 24 Hours or Less also available  in it’s entirety as a eCommerce member you pay $5 per month to gain access to top marketing. I will also give you the secret to getting more sales in your store make sure your website is doing its job by being a  24/7 sales person get chat bots on Facebook read our next post and listen to our podcast on this site or I tunes.




Become a Shopify Store Owner 
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Become  a Woo commerce store owner 
Watch the video here to  see the pros starting a Shopify Store


Ecommmerc eUX design tips

Do you want  to learn how to improve your sales funnel for your eCommerce store ?

Read our post  search : Sales Funnel How to Automate your E commerce store


Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, once said, “UX is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in.”Ecommerce UX is no different. Stores pour thousands into Facebook


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