How to Find the Right Audience for Your Niche

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its hard to know who to promote to so this full post will provide easy steps how to find the right audience for your niche if you are struggling, I have over 10 videos of Live research  of Niches that you should consider in 2017.

Each week I will explore the niche and also recommend a theme that will make you more sales and build trust with your customers. If you do want to build your store by all means go head but you will lose customers who will not come back to your store. It’s about the money but think about it this way if you write a business plan then write a script for your calls based on your business plan that also provides what the customer wants and needs than how can you fail ?

You may Fail because you Don’t understand your audience and you just want to get Paid..

Audience Misunderstood

Your store Looks unprofessional and people who come to the site … Don’t Trust and will not Buy …..





Watch our free Webinar Brand Building Basics were we go in depth on How to find a niche and a market to promote to at the same time you do need to have a 80/20 Rule of content marketing sprinkled into the mix you do want to be authentic not a spam king or queen just keep it simple and appeal to your audience the right way positioning is about the customer not you ! I learned that a new store has to build trust and i have implemented a few new ways to connect with customers using Facebook Fan Pages linked to my Facebook store. I will also show you how to Build a influence list of people who may be the key to new customers and social proof using my list of recommended options will surprise you to also note there are Pay Per Call Programs used on Google to drive calls to your store.



I also engage into groups and i do make sure to answer each question about my product by phone chat and email i provide a soft sales approach and i have a crm of 100 customers at the time of building my site i was still learning now I am creating content posts not just buy this now post this is why we feel that we can help you and many more to create a brand not a fly by night store treat your store like the next Wal Mart dream big but set goals that are attainable. We have a groups section added to our site to ensure we are able to engage and help our community members along the way.  If you have a product you need a You tube channel offering some tips tutorials or just a sponsored channel for another person to promote your product or service.

What is a niche ?

Why does a niche matter ?

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