Amazon is a big contender to think about not just Ali-express or DHGate …think Amazon…


The biggest reason  is fast shipping !

We are in the now era so why not give the customer what they want !Great turn around with Prime you have to think of it this way because using our secret merchant account method you do not need a Amazon store , you need a paid domain and  hosting i too was resistant but once i came to the conclusion that Drop shipping does work how did this happen ?


Did you know as of 2018 ?

90 million people are registered for Amazon Prime!

Once I watched a video about your average sale happens within a year this does not mean the same for us all. The goal for our community is to provide a place to coach you into success it will be a challenge for the lazy because on our blogs that are twins to our retail sites we own provide hot niche product we are now upgrading our Hero images our sales copy and also cart experience.

Yes you can own your own online business with no technical skills required all you need are the basics and your good to go !


No inventory to Hold

Passive income if organized correctly easy peazy question your problem asking is ….

If Drop shipping is so great why is it larger YouTube gurus or small based business say not to drop ship because it is a risk yes it is but if you don’t put yourself out there how will you know ?

If you want to speculate then you will never get started you will make up reasons why your going to fail and if your  making excuses your not ready to make passive income it will take hard work for the first thirty days there are methods and goals that need to be written for your prospective online dynasty if you are  just one person you need to go into this as a open minded patient person.

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  • December 30, 2017

Enough of the Pep talk here’s how to Drop-ship with Amazon first rule is you are not creating a sellers account or FBA you are selling on your own website not someone else’s ┬áplatform ~

Yeah i know not what you expected … well this is why we are eCommerce empire z we create eBooks and also blog posts that build profitable eCommerce stores or internet businesses.

Easy fast shipping you must have Prime its now $10 per month plus you can get some boxes from it will make it faster to reach your customer or use 2 day shipping with Fed ex it costs about $14 to ship Monday -Friday so keep in mind you can print the label and drop the USPS package by having the shipper scan the bar codes

Supplies for your store are important so we will talk next in our podcast about supplies required for a private label store


Does anyone make money Drop Shipping ?

Yes you can and yes if your a marketer who understand were to target like Facebook and Instagram are great just dont expect for everyone to buy out of the percentage  of 97% will not buy and it is typical for some to make on average 3% conversion on sales.


If it was easy everyone would be doing it some marketers say they made $3 Million but with $2000 in advertisements this is just not typical of the income that could be invested for the average person.


Kaboompics // Karolina


What Products do I sell ?

Your Homework should be done by now if not chat with us we offer research for  up to ten products see a eCommerce Helper to get a full report of up to two niches that are making sales with low competition if you need to lean on free traffic we offer a full webinar on how to make sales with organic traffic only for our registered members do not worry all free DIY CONTENT MARKETING the course has been such a important focus for us we want to show you how to get more from your blog with specialized content to drive interest into your website.

Happy New Year!





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