How to Start a Online Store of Your Own 2018

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Step One : Find a idea of what vertical you want to be in do not build a  boring store . You can start a online business on Ebay


Content is King and we know that with our e -course it will change the game for e-commerce upstarts .

The way that a store become profitable is a whole lot of keywords and focused efforts at this time its Q4 this means best time for online shopping. Just saying ..



Start a Service based business with a online store you customize it the way you want it to look


Look at trending products on E bay, Amazon the World Wide Web has data there for the taking we cannot promise you will make a million there are ways to create a store that makes money .

Start a Service based business with a online store you customize it the way you want it to look there are not many who can be patient no one is guaranteed

a sale being your a online store if you want to sell local buy in bulk.


Do not research and get scared to take action there are ways to drop ship with Ebay without being banned or flagged so for the next three months we will offer full courses to those interested you can find your own suppliers and source products from local stores


Its not about being   smart or lucky its understanding what to say to your audience and having a product that they want and need  we want to  make it simple  so we created a full course that will help you  to communicate  effectively and have a higher chance of making sales and also make some money is the goal you just need one or more products on Amazon or Ebay with a store you are in control of your own self hosted store.

We want you to be successful and it starts with a proper foundation our webinar offers the basics of starting a eCommerce store Its totally Free.


We just want you to be honest with yourself are you willing to provide great service and a price that attracts new customers ?


Also can you answer questions on another platform and your own too well its not that easy but it depends on how much a person wants something.


 Before we think bigger ,we need to focus on making it stupid simple .Yes !

I said , stupid simple !

People over think and do nothing. Our community will be built on making a store now not later.


We will provide free guides to get you started this post will help you to get started listen to the podcast and watch the full video in our free course offered daily from 9 am Р10 am daily.



Selecting which platform you’ll use to build your online store is a significant decision. You’re laying a foundation: All the other tools — from your credit card processor to your marketing strategy



E commerce Dynasty

Next Post will focus on Building Brand not just a store

Each step is crucial in the first three steps do not believe the fake gurus at home pretending to make  loads of cash some may be lying some may not our goal is to help you with the basics of marketing and branding providing authenticity to your store is very important studies also say people are more opt to buy from a unknown store.



I want you to watch this video about The Truth about starting a E-commerce store expenses because you are likely to drop ship or wholesale the items or handmade the item you need to understand the motto it takes money to make money !


This means investing in inventory over and over again using a formula some people say they have no money but you can open an account at a local branch with $100 and save the account for the time you will need a credit or debit card account to send refunds withdraw funds using Pay Pal Square but Stripe is recommended there is so much you need to know and we have done the hard work for you.


Niche Store
By Clem Onojeghuo

Often mimicking  top empires like Amazon we have a questions and answer option on the site in case a customer has a question and also a 24/7  call center answering our calls.

We pay $20 per month and only if  a call comes in we pay a commission rate of 20% per sale.  This is the only expense we spend each month for our store we are testing as a case study.

if there is  a way to call chat or email everything  is going to be up to each person to make it happen a course is just like training at a job except its on you to make it happen !


If it was as easy as the gurus make it seem everyone they teach would be rolling cash but I will assure you they are not !



Its not because the gurus are bad or the mentors its the wrong idea that no work will be needed sure we can build a store from scratch for anyone but as the owner of the store you need to market promote and provide  a memorable customer expierence

Free Guide offered to registered users only top 20 products to see on Black Friday 


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