How to Increase Your Google Search Ranking in 30 Days

What is SERP Analysis ?

Google search ranking

Google  search page ranking is based on relevancy of search terms opposed to advertisements if you are a Word Press uses Yoast seo there are a few tools we will recommend please watch the entire series to see how Yoast works but for now let’s talk about how using serps will allow you to rank higher in search local regionally and internationally, as of now if your not a member take action and become a member.

A Google search ranking is also based on quality of articles shown to a person while they search

Free support for all website hosting and domain  users get your store up and running for $35 per year see our hosting plans page for more information. Using Phrases of typed in words in search is how you can rank higher you then put the same phrase into Google keyword planner tool  and wallah !

You need related keywords, advertisements can be placed on your blog to get yet another stream of income it does not need to have advertisements of other people you can restriction categories keep this in mind the average article should be about 1000 words and use at least 45% of related keywords you can even add locations into your content as well .

Want to Learn advanced Google Search Ranking  Tips ?


Neil Patel has 10 Tips and a Step by Step Guide Stay tuned for our updated Video on Ecommerce TV page

if you type in a search term you get words that auto populate using  these phrases and related keywords to add to your images will allow you to rank higher in search the key is offering value but no one really expands on it so this is the reason we created this site to bridge the gap there is a learning curve with any business start up online no matter what niche you serve.

How to pick words people are searching for and get free long tail keywords ?

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How to Rank Higher in Search using our free video tutorial

Want to learn how to create serp based blogs titles that will drive massive traffic this is a free the   true way to get people who are looking for your product or service without having to pay $20-$100 per month become a seo  ninja in 15 minutes Learn how to use SEO and your  can even do some freelance work for other people, if you master seo you can create passive streams of income with one or more blogs. if you want to learn the top niches that make alot of money then see our Hot niche blog post we will be talking about how big companies make alot of money from one blog.

Google Search Ranking



How do I see my position in  search ?

  • Go to Google in incognito
  • Type in a search term you are trying to target
  • See the results and were you are you can target locally with adding a location of your published blog

The interesting this is you can also use WordPress to determine your ranking by using Yoast SEO plugin with the Free version it is good enough without the paid but in case you need more you can upgrade. Using get access to free long tail keywords and you can Ping your articles on WordPress and outside of WordPress

How to Use On Page SEO  for Beginners

Your Niche needs a writer if you can hire someone use our Fiverr recommendations here for writers otherwise do it yourself its cheaper but not as easy as you may think. Our goal for this website is to provide simple to understand tutorials ways to make money passively coaching and also hosting plans you don’t have to leave our site to learn how to build a small empire you just need laser focus and some time allotted out in a week to run a store you do need to nurture your store its going to take some hustle to accomplish this feet but you have a supported site that understands the mistakes and the solutions to save you time and money.

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