Save Big $$$ On Alibaba Product Samples

Have you ever Wanted to get some samples ?


You can end up spending $20 -$50 per sample or more you can go to a website and use a different shipping options.


Ordering samples can save you money keep in mind it may not be for everyone . If you are looking to buy items at wholesale prices and sale them local listen to the Podcast !



Samples ?


Major shippers we recommend are :

FED EX ,DHL, UPS  and USPS we have tested options and USPS is the best option 

You can ship items anytime all you need is a printer and paper and clear boxing tape

Keep in mind our podcast will provide more suppliers and E bay niche webinar is coming soon on Today at 9:00 PM Join us at the  Live Hangout. 

We will teach you how to find top shelf products , if your not a member you may not see the full broadcast

What to  expect from this Podcast Episode

  • E-bay or Amazon or website ?

    Find a way to create a passive income with creating a niche focused marketplace and website based store the advantages are endless. Keep in mind you need to find a product that will sell its  not that easy but it is also not that hard. It is bad to become a stalemate store so do not get discouraged we have a full magazine of starter courses that provide steps to scale your online store it is a choice to make that should be thought about with care.


Amazon stores can be created as a direct seller or a AMAZON FBA  member ,think of the approved products read  the prohibited products list then research according to categories that are not restricted do your due diligence also think of a logo you can use in your images

  • Introduction How to ship with free boxes from USPS

  • Product samples

  • How to talk to supplier free supplier request guide

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