How to identify the hottest High Price Items to sell in your Store.

How to identify the hottest High Price Items to sell in your Store.

How to identify the hottest High Price Items to sell in your Store.


High Priced products to sell are easy to find just think of the items you need to buy occasionally.  The Q4 season is coming get ready for Black Friday in 90 days!

A few High Priced items you can sell in your online store of your own:

  1. Iphone Repair tools PhotoMIX Ltd.

Today avid iPhone user cannot always run out and fix a cracked screen or fix something that will cost them ton of money these kits are quite handy.

Lots of people are taking advantage of this to make extra money providing iPhone repair services. Some consumers also prefer to have their own kits to fix their phones themselves.

Can you blame them when screen damage alone can run a customer up to $279?

These I phone  Repair  Kits cost $3.11 per kit links to our top three suppliers will be updated in our new Supplier Directory within 24 hours of this post.

2 Action Camera’s 

Action Cameras

People use action cameras to take video during sports or high-intensity activities. The most famous one is the Go Pro, which carries a hefty price tag.

Many consumers would be just as satisfied with something a bit less expensive.

The global market for action cameras is currently growing at a rate of 22.2%.

These factors all indicate actions cameras are a great products to resell in 2018.


Profit margins are not the most important part its the demand of the item your selling so keep that in mind take care of your customers and offer customer service and be mindful of the customers time can they wait or will they buy from another convenient store local or Amazon ?

Some times Amazon sellers price too high so keep this in mind..

Baby Niche Market
Baby niche Market is a Evergreen Niche…

Whats in your home what do people need to buy dryers washers BULQ.COM  is a great prices and you can do research home and garden etc target the correct market and sell more items using a international website and shipping to China.

We will promote a product like a Electric Fire Place website versus a phone charger the conversion rate is 1% of the customers who walk in your store Make more money less effort Shopping section price point PLA average market value


In this Podcast we will discuss

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    Top items selling now
  • Free recommended apps to use to sell online TODAY

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