How to Get a Free Business Phone System from Google

Use Google to drive calls by  using a Phone number on your website get more sales also add the phone number to Yelp Facebook Local and Facebook Business Start a Instagram Page as a business has now been added !


Quick start Steps :

Create a new Google account > Use your store name in the email name > Create account > Search  Google Voice and proceed to add your phone number and verify with text 



Keep in mind you can choose any area code except a 800 number use Grass Hopper or 1 800CALL Forwarding 

Mark Zuckerbug made Facebook the place to be you should test which platforms work best for your brand and keep posting content . The best part is its a free phone number if you want a business phone system then Use Google Business or Skype or even Grass Hopper depending on your budget. Our video will Help you to create a Click to call function and free trust seal recommendation in our free video series has been added as a bonus.

Many stores do not have a Phone number and it can be connected in 5 min ….

Here is why you will get more sales !

With a unknown store you need to have a business phone I have a Business Set up online in Local for Black Friday and plan to reinvest and one day open a delivery app for women to get their products local so what we do is market to cities in high traffic places that frequent our blog and website . We use our You tube channel to give helpful tips to our prospective customers.

Take time to set up a business phone and download the app in Google depending on your choice make sure the calls are routed to your cell

Create a new Greeting and remove the Google voice branding you can also use your like a lead generation system

  • Just offer a sale promotion for their phone number or Coupon name and ask for  call back time
  • Download and track traffic using WordPress premium plugins we can see emails of users
  • Ask them questions and answers via text and chat service and email and phone
  • Collect data from your site including emails and names are shown in Google Voice if you have Gplus account on call patterns
  • Offer outstanding service and create a script and lead forms using google forms to collect data and see were there is a opportunity
  • Features do to sell them make sure to get their preferences and find a product that fits their request i like to offer a coupon
  • Offer photos by text if the customer asks for the pictures but often this type of customer is going to cause problems hear more about it on the Podcast
  • Control your phone time by adding a business hours widget that offers the open hours, my stores say 24-7 most calls are mornings and evenings and i missed some calls and sales due to having a 9-5. Create office hours from your time you get off work this means on your days off offer longer hours.
  • Brand your store with a impulsive buy power word ill teach you more about words that make people buy

Focus on steller customer service and making sure your site is update especially woo commerce i had a few lost sales and i could see it was not in my control we did add on a special pixel, a plugin to  we found will will take care of watching  abandoned carts and also what pages do your customers visit were is the traffic coming from this is important and in our course we will offer full training on starting a eCommerce store from scratch.


E commerce Start up

New! Online store in the box

Our done for you websites will offer all the plugins required and free tech support we can fix issues that occur on your site easy and if you want help with advertising we offer advertising specialists who understand how to run and create advertisements for as little as $99.95 per month get free credit of $100 from you tube free with your purchase.

  • Premium theme custom to your target audience

  • SEO free report

  • Free email chat support and *Phone call support

  • Free podcast sent to your inbox each  week

  • Free domain

  • 2GB of hosting add on at least 500 products

  • Shopping cart set up with Stripe

  • Step by step WordPress or Shopify store builder Guide

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