eCommerce Business Models 101

Business Models
Is this a Business or a Hobby ?

eCommerce Business Models are important this is why this is your second step we will not build a store till we build a proper foundation to increase chances of success you can spend a little time watching our video here explain how write up a business model we will also write a about us page that will be the Image of your brand. I am focused on providing the truth about this stage of building your business you know why because its is crucial to your success sure there are a lot of other places you could read but they will not tell you their secrets…

I will also offer alternatives for those that are not interested in a full store on their own site . I mindful this is your business not mine if you show up to work you get a check but with a store you get paid from your buyer you also will need a tax system of some sort to keep track of your incoming assets i recommend you join our mastermind group at $3 per month this means free chat or email and also free webinars delivered to your inbox every two weeks we do not spam we spend two emails per month for premium members and free.



Ecommerce Business Models 2017

When you start your ecommerce empire it means you need to take actionable steps in the right direction and this means choosing wisely the audience will come but it will take time to define your brand. The biggest choice is about choosing which lane you will operate in so in this post I have provided the typical business models used in ecommerce. In this post we will offer the pros and cons of starting a online business at a high level



Business to Business- B2B

Business to Consumer-B2C



Ecomm empirez
Ecommerce Business Models 101

There are a million ecommerce stores starting and closing will you be able to stay the course ?

With some many stores there are some small differences in each store question is will you build a curated store or will you opt to build a small store with focused products or a general store this is your time to choose what works best for you. This is very important so do not overlook this chance to build a foundation .Here are the two most common business model used online.



B2B (Business-to-Business)

Business-to-Business refers to the model where one business sells to another business. There are both advantages and disadvantages to selling to other businesses versus selling to the end consumers. The pros of selling to other businesses are that order sizes and repeat orders are typically larger and more frequent, however, there are fewer businesses than consumer and sales cycles are typically longer with price being a heavy contributor to purchase decisions.




B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

Business-to-Consumer means you are selling directly to the end consumer that will be using the product. This is the most common type of business model and what most people think about when discussing building ecommerce businesses.

It should be noted as well that there are other business models that are less common, including B2G (Business-to-Government).






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