The Importance of Building Authentic Brand in your Business ( Value proposition)

How to Create a Brand That People Love ….

A Brand people love



if your wondering how to get your branding  right this post and watch the video in its entirety to learn more about how to make money with your eCommerce store blog or website as a service and not sure how to talk to your audience some people take the approach of informative related content for example if your a travel site review places to eat and offer a local site that offers events and tickets to concerts using seat geek affiliate offers watch our free guide on niche based website ideas videos each week we offer free niche website ideas back to branding colors your brand message and also your format matters.

Value Proposition 101

If you are a person who desires to offer dental referrals open a directory and a answering service you do not need to build another persons dream do it yourself some people make 3K per month selling drinks and hot dogs ! There are so many things you could do but the question that you should ask is how are you different ?

A value proposition is arguably the most important to marketing and messaging and messaging in  your business this is how a prospect decides on whether to do business with you or your competitors it provides benefits of your products and services making it transparent from the start.


Sometimes this is not known to the prospect and all they see is slogans and clichés which do not resonate with them and they will leave your online store in seconds once they see there is no value in what your statement that provides what your  going to to make life easier or solve a problem

 Brand correctly no matter if it is online or offline.

Value propostion
Starting a store with no business plan ? join our community free to learn how to build a valuable brand

Take a look at Disney they sell dreams you need to find a audience who can engage with your brand and purchase with you as a store owner. 

I have customers who just want to talk to me this makes my day. You have to invest time in effort into your business  this means creating content that helps by informing and entertaining or educating this is not for all verticles it depends on the niche your in.  


If you sell baby clothing you need to offer content mothers may read its not enough just building a store these days maybe your a teen who needs a job start a Day care Center from home or offer a nanny service of your own. its all about giving them what they are searching for not about the money you will make it takes hard work to accomplish a viable business keep in mind that our site offers daily articles that offer tips and best practices in creating a store. Value propositions come in different forms the ideal way to understand how it works is to set

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