Why some E commerce stores FAIL

Why SOME eCommerce stores FAIL

Design is important i cannot stress this more but often it is over looked most just run and create a store just cause some douche bag said’s he made millions result’s do vary the marketer who outsourced all his work may fair better but there is opportunity out there for all.
Biggest flaws we see…..

Shipping time is not specified
No contact information who are you really…

MOST people want to know where you are , How can a new store
just start selling with no trust

Maybe posting a ad on CL in California if your in Arizona or neighboring states

THIS is just one tactic people use to make sales they say
” Oh i am sorry It’s sold out …. yesterday (hehe)

Just go WWW.yourwebsite.com ( plug your website !!! )and its $20 cheaper !

Keep in mind…..

if they don’t then save them as a contact and collect leads and sale locally once you can supply the demand you can test on CL this is a promise.

This means your still helping them and if they do not buy least you have a lead to use later using Google voice as a crm

Do not sound pushy you can even provide your local number and provide them your Google voice business phone number most newly launched stores have no credit ability so how will make sales if no one is there to answer the phone ?

Pricing Your Products Effectively


No visibility BY Riccardo Bresciani

No visibility
You need content try serp’s this is the easiest way to start ranking along with implementation of a site map. How some people are failing is they think just because they posted a product and worked hard on the site doesn’t entitled you to a sale you must position and build trust all at the same time.It takes hard work just remember that you will need to likely purchase a authentic theme alot of people neglect the small details like trust seals ssl certificates and also call to actions, sales funnels and customers service.
The Technical Aspect

You must learn how to update and monitor your site for customers …Do want to miss sales ?

Missing Sales ?


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