Drop Shipping Online|What Countries to Avoid (Fraud)

What Countries to Avoid When Drop Shipping How to Deal with Fraudsters 

Here is our top list of countries that you may not want to use when  Drop Shipping


  1. Mexico ( Stay away)

Places to use in your Online Drop shipping store

United Kingdom, Turkey. Italy to name a few in our full training we cover some places to avoid and places you may find to be a great place  you must learn the audience and marketing and pricing should be specific to that cost of living.

Another thing is fraud it can happen anywhere but if there is not a way to track payment please confirm all transactions being made on your site 24/7

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Dropshipping Online Store

Chargebacks are an issue so we have a full training on how to avoid scams and fraud in your ecommerce stores.If you are okay with running a online store for Mexico maybe use a online payments system for Mexico .In our webinar we will talk about how to get more sales on Facebook Advertising



Full Training can be seen on Youtube here

Bonus Podcast :Why, I Stopped Drop Shipping  Online in the Past…

Check our full webinar on How to choose a theme for your new Shopify /Wordpress Online Business plus top niches to use in your ecommerce store

Listen to the podcast on the reason some  Drop Shipping stores fail


Drop Shipping Online

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