How to Build a List of Keywords Using UberSuggest | Beginner SEO

As a novice you need certain skills and using a keyword tool is the fastest way to rank higher. Sometimes it is easier said then…. done .


Our guide will help you understand how to rank higher in search based on the search terms people are using that are being typed in to search engine of choice lets keep in mind a lot of us only prefer Google because we like and trust them we are more apt to use their tools that are free and paid.

“Quote ‘

If you do your research ,create content that speaks to your potential customers this is just a segment of what major retailers also have data to back it up as time marches on you will have data to use based on the popularity of a product you can see the stats in your dashboard in WordPress and also Shopify.



Lets Get Started !

Step 2. Figure out your niche  if you need help go to how to find a niche articles and videos are offered on our site that will help you to find a profitable niche you must not over think it.  Use our Ebay Research Guide to get full details.

Did you Know ?

98% of new eCommerce stores fail not because of the niche it is the wrong idea:”if I  build it they will come !”
The customer that is do not know you !
No one,  is waiting to buy your products you must become a social media expert in your niche understanding your audience by the words that are typing to find you is just research use to see long-tail keywords this is a free tool  as well so dont worry about paying a monthly fee.
Buyer intent is also something to think about you cannot build a empire using Google adwords and ubersuggest  or you can use Google Trends you do not need to buy a Google advertisement to research just add the keywords to a csv and save to drive.


Step 2 Go to Ubersuggest and put in your related term

Watch our full video to see how to use Ubersuggest and test terms in Google !

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