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How to Optimize Your Website/ Blog for Voice Search

March 3, 2018

When you think of optimizing your website for search it can make you feel down and out but it doesnt need to be that way.You can generate organic search traffic using long tail keywords just ask Neil Patel reading his 11 reasons you need search inspired us to write this post.  It opened our eyes […]

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How to Make Money Blogging on WordPress

February 4, 2018

Quick Start Up Guide to  Starting a Blog in 24 Hours If you want to start a blog you need an idea this also means the ability to stick to it for at least a year if you do not help writing you may need to write more and you will make little money till […]

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Best Live Chat Software  WordPress Plugin

January 14, 2018

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress Plugin (2018) Tutorial Crisp Chat is the Best Live Chat Software  WordPress Plugin is an easy use software and It is quite affordable Imagine being able to peek at the customer’s information and get web notifications all free with the free version once you start making money you can […]

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How to Build a List of Keywords Using UberSuggest | Beginner SEO

November 9, 2017

As a novice you need certain skills and using a keyword tool is the fastest way to rank higher. Sometimes it is easier said then…. done .   Our guide will help you understand how to rank higher in search based on the search terms people are using that are being typed in to search […]

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The Importance of Building Authentic Brand in your Business ( Value proposition)

October 25, 2017

How to Create a Brand That People Love ….     if your wondering how to get your branding  right this post and watch the video in its entirety to learn more about how to make money with your eCommerce store blog or website as a service and not sure how to talk to your […]

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How to Choose a Trusted Supplier for your Online store

October 15, 2017

There are some hot products selling online .if your looking for some ideas on top sellers each day this week we will add more items selling online and also live research to show you how we build new stores for those that looking for niche they can sustain income passively.     “My company is […]

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