The Truth About Becoming a Online Store Owner (Ecommerce Store Start Ups)


Building a online empire is not easy you must show up every day and find what works and what does not work it doesn’t matter what niche you chose it matters ….


if you have the ability to scale  take it from me, i do not have all the answers . I have researched the products for a long period of time with some reverse engineering.

The questions is do you know the most important Step of Building a Online Empire ?

The one thing i want to throw in to this post to think about is  what is the reason the buyer should buy from you and now some other  fly by night shopify or wordpress store ?

First of all i want to provide the truth about owning a eCommerce store online it is not as easy as the You tube gurus make it seem sure they helped you build a store but they want to teach you the same stuff they are teaching everyone when their is so much more to owning a store it is after all about the needs and wants of the customer not that of what you want .. your mindset needs to change to become customer focused i like to shop at a place that makes me feel that i am saving but i also like to buy quality and if i had to spend more than it depends on the brand.

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Here are a few factors that consumers think about if you  find that you do not offer a function or feature on your website do not hesitate to ask a question the reason that many people do not buy will surprise you one of them is Price because they do not know you spending over $50 for a product from a site you never purchased from with no reviews good luck !

Here are a few reasons why people do not buy …

  • Would you purchase from a store with astronomical prices ?
  • What if your item is low quality ?
  • What if the item has a fuzzy picture ?
  • What if  I do not have the product on hand ?
  • What if there is no way to contact you directly email phone chat ?
  • No guarantee page how can i get a refund
  • Shipping to long over priced items do not sell based on these two factors
  • Unprofessional presentation buy a paid theme they are as little as $16 on a site we work with or become a member and add the free template to your cart and get a free theme !
  • No customer service i know i listed this before but it’s hard to buy from a website with no human support
  • No questions and answers section
  • Variety and savings and ease of use shopping cart three clicks away in the check out section
  • No Trust Seals Customer Reviews

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