Amazon Seller Guide | How to Create a Profitable Amazon Seller Store & Pro Seller Account

Amazon FBA  VS Amazon  Seller Account



What is the Best way to get Started ? 

You need to learn how to create stunning photos and descriptions you can get these from suppliers i would start with three suppliers i have two accounts one is for my husband and one is for my own purposes he has invested into my hair business and now i will show you how to build a store but first we will show you how in categories that are not blocked this is because some sellers sold items to customers that were not helpful to them as  business like electronic devices like hover boards and phones. Our amazon sellers guide will help you get started in building a store keep in mind you need to generate a name that you can use and consistently build a brand.

How Much should i spend to start a new store on Amazon on products from $250 and Up we do not know what niche you will start so price depends on the product make sure to do your due diligence. Research your niche and make sure to brand your photos using canva or you can use PIC Monkey to create stunning images no matter what you choose make sure the images are clear watch the video to learn more about product categories.

I recommend a low weight item that has a high enough sales rank to make a good amount of money buy physical product in bulk or enough to make a good percentage i make my own wigs and also do hair so results may different for each item and the audience you serve you will need to monitor your listings for questions from prospective customers.

You can sell items that are not prohibited but it will take some time and effort to understand ask seller support

Are there any holds on your money as a seller yes there is 21 day hold so keep your items updated my plan is to create 10-20 listings per week and i want some auction and some buy it now listings i will also make some lower end products to begin with to sell low cost items each pay cycle i will rinse and repeat also make sure you watch the video to avoid charge backs on your Amazon account. Amazon will refund the seller and no questions asked approach.



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How to Source products ? 

Watch the full three part course here we will teach you how to sell items on Amazon and Ebay using free and paid tools. Keep in mind you can use products that you know are in use like Pet Supplies Seasonal items Toys are also a option just do your research with top sellers in sites like Amazon offer this kind of data but we will show you how to pick items that have enough volume pricing is also important and the last piece is customer care chat phone are your friends a new store no one trusts you. Keep in mind with your own store you are paid in a day or two with our shopping cart set up done for you stores are only $199 with ten researched products and three  starter article with a list of keywords to use and site tutorial on how to build traffic.

Notice : Not all results are typical some users may not make sales whereas some will please contact us should you need help with your store store evaluations are done live on You tube on a Private stream register for the Webinar Here



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How much is Amazon FBA account vs seller accounts ?

A seller account can be as low as $1 and for a fba account it will be $39.99 per month plus storage fees we will test a few products on Amazon in a sellers account and show you how it will work we will also provide that for any platform you choose customer service is a important key to your success we plan on using the platform for beauty products but because it is a restricted category we are going to run a flash sale to get more sales to our store using craigslist and Facebook ads.

In the store we will not use Drop shipping we are going to buy physical products  so make sure to keep this in mind read prohibited stores before you get started with your store read our free download business models for eCommerce there is also a free three part course but you must become a member to gain access to the full course with the course you will see the top niches for top categories and also the research is done for you all we ask is that you also create a full store on your own domain why should you create a store on a domain instead of just Amazon use your brand name and direct sales to your store on specific products on Amazon and also offer up sells on your site to transition customers over time to your own store this is done in the same name as your eCommerce store. You do not need set up in the same way we have use what works for you our site is used as a reference to ensure your prepared to provide a quality store with listings that work and also research mixed with unique products this is our core focus.

You can also use sites like Amazon Mturk to get articles done just add $15 to your account and have some writers write short posts for your site to beef up your content i would also recommend using MTURK for usability test’s see what people actually think of your site and make the proper changes this is called A/B Testing. Join us for our content marketing case study.




What are categories that i can sell in ? 

Which are prohibited products and how to get around blocked products as a new seller ?

Watch the video to see the products you cannot sell unless approved

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