How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing


In this episode I will discuss how people are making money blogging, in this episode i will talk about how to create a website as a bonus watch us create a niche website to promote a affiliate product we will review items on the site and also provide affiliate links to  our partner sites it is a blogger website and it is connected to one of our ecommerce websites.

If your wondering how it works with advertising we have a full details on our short

Affiliate Marketing

    Do you think you can make money with Affiliate Marketing is it true can you make $400 a day ?

Yes some do some do not if your okay with affiliate marketing we can  build a website using Woocommerce adding in products  we have a client we are working with and we want to show you how it works also we show advertisements with Google 100% Affiliate website and the website is free other than the domain we did not want to host one of the sites and the other case study will be with a Facebook Personal account. Our special training will take place February 15,2018 make sure to attend feel free to watch our basic Training on Affiliate marketing for newbies if you already know how to affiliate marketing maybe we can help with seo design and your long tail keywords maybe there is more to it either way we can do this do not give up would you rather be at home not slaving away in a job you hate ?

Guess what you will need time effort and some hard work but with all things in place you could be the next Authority  site to crush it online but you need the right steps to the detail and it means your own creativity will need to take precedence we are here to help you find that spark with just a spark you can produce a fire so let’s build it together!

I am not interested in anyone’s business that is not interested in learning and understanding its not easy as the gurus on Youtube make it seem it is about knowing the right things and applying that knowledge in your own unique way.

Copywriting,  Design , content marketing and customer service will be your focus remember that !

These four areas are the reason most ecommerce stores fail what we do not like is the lies we hear online about how to be successful


You will need to use a personal account I have a name variation  I use of my real name and it will be a new account not connected to anyone i know personally, I then add on content that my audience will like watching using memes videos articles and a 90/10 rule this means infiltrating the content in my content no sales posts and also social proof.


Clem Onojeghuo

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Webinar   weekly we add more tips to making your first $500 on Ebay

You can  go to Ross Burlington local and pick up items that are trending and resale them on ebay to protect your investment take photos of the item

if you do not have models for the items just lay them out and find the manufacturer’s photo or create your own using Gimp

You can drop ship or buy inventory needed to get started I knew a guy who had a mansion who had a ebay store

If you’re new to making money online we have a ebay video series that offers step by step directions on how to choose and list products on Ebay

Email address and phone number and name create a Paypal account with your ebay account it takes five minutes

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