Affiliate Marketing How to Find a Niche Guide 2019

Affiliate Marketing How to Find a Niche Guide 2019

How Do You Find a Niche with Affiliate Marketing in 2019?

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as the online marketers make it seem to be honest you need to find a sub niche market most do not tell you that ….

There is no one size fits all answer, if that were the case everyone would have a small to large based business! Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

How do I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing ?

Instead here are a few ways to find a niche market these actionable steps can be used for regular market research but today we will reveal the formula to find a affiliate marketing niche market You can make money with we cannot guarantee results but we can offer advice that will increase your chances of success! As a affiliate marketer you will need to learn SEO and also how to pay for ads in a way where you get back your investment the reason some people do not make any money is because they do not understand their audience before just picking a niche market do some research if you cannot pay someone who knows how!


a niche market is as easy as checking Google, Bing or Yahoo see whats trending now and if you were not aware there are also Google Shopping data in trends but as a newcomer we recommend using Google trends for demographics as a new affiliate marketer you need a email auto res ponder and using WordPress or Shopify you can use a few different business models today let us focus on a sales funnel and no there is no software to buy besides hosting and domain name sure if you want to hire a person to do landing pages or advertising.

Youtube affiliate marketing

Video affiliate marketing with YouTube have you see the Toy channels that buy items to review them on their pages well it can be done with food apparel tech just about anything you have seen out there after 4000 watch hours you can become a partner but you need to consistently make videos at times making videos is a hustle of its own adding an affiliate link using bitly to your video and do not direct link this means getting the email for a coupon and then adding their email as a lead or  direct sales lead on your end.

YouTube is a search engine that has made some people millions on sponsorship advertisements are paid at $1 per thousand views depending on your CPM but as a affiliate marketer you can make two streams of income or more watch the full video we prepared for you it is a short video focused on how to make money using Video affiliate marketing we also cover a few other ways like via your Blog and lastly 3rd party websites.You can review the product as a personal expierence the videos that you do in person tend to do better than those without a human face but some people prefer just to show them using the product.

Many affiliate marketers just direct link and this can cause issues unless your adding advertisements such as banners or review of a specific product then maybe focus on one product or related items to up-sell would be a better fit?

Step By Step How to find a Niche Market

Look at his amazing visual of Affiliate Marketing How Affiliate Marketing Works
  1. Find a niche market by using evergreen markets or commodity like Home and Garden Pets these are the main categories there are sub category niches you will find on major websites i like using Amazon Best Seller pages you do not need to be on that platform  to use their sub niche markets the reason i use it is because I am validating the interest then i can go to Google and place the product name in quotes to see the local and worldwide search then i go to Google trends to see what my results are.a market with less than 20K to 150 K to Million is a good place to start but it depends on the niche itself if you live in a city were it is popular ask yourself is the item unique or can i buy it locally?
  2. Build a website Using WP Or Shopify i buy themes and create custom themes we have a full course available how to build a website but the key is to  focus on your products so we offer a build a website service plus free theme included!
  3. Create focused content based on search intent
  4. Set up your sales funnels using email marketing based on actions ( we have a free tool to recommend for WP users only)
  5. Promote products means to pay for ads a lot of websites get this wrong and it can be organic but often times you will pay no one knows your product or services yet so awareness is key.
  6. Building your presence using social advertising  and search engine marketing
  7. Customer service : Phone FB Messenger conversational sales


Ecommerce Empirez Online

  1. Find a niche market that solves a problem same for a blog or website of any sort
  2. what is the use of your site or video channel how can it help another person.This can be done by going to Amazon and looking at the Best Sellers categories Amazon also has its own affiliate program we will discuss.
  3. An audience is built based on interest, but the issue is some people just want to make money and do not see that the customer is smarter these days and unless you provide compelling content marketing you may never get a sale.
  4. Use Google and find a niche market while looking for keywords try to use a local zip code city state and search broadly add quotation marks to find the content.
  5. Use VID IQ to see who is making videos and how many people are watching to figure out which market to take advantage.
Cheap Hosting

Hosting as low as $5 per month sounds good but what if you forget to pay then your site will be removed so pay a whole year and get a a free domain here or join our webinar each week for a discount on hosting saving your $100 a year a new store will need hosting and a domain name and a product or service to sell.I recommend A2 Hosting and 1&1 ONOS it has been a host i have used for over five years issue with many new stores is that using Facebook only can be limiting so using Marketplace and your website may be key Local affiliate Marketing can be done using Amazon associates and positioning yourself as a Amazon seller but you can be an affiliate.


Now go to Google and think of a problem like for example;

What if you like the idea of your own business helping people with Video editing well you can use Jvzoo and offer your own service without a large investment then you create one site based on this service and offer your sales local and also online for a fee of $50 per video and up you can even use Fiver or Up work or IG to sell your service or you can sell the software as a direct re seller its up to you how creative you can get. This is also affiliate marketing there are sites like were you can sell affiliate digital products

You need Keywords Everywhere a google account and also notepad and excel sheets make excel sheets to track information about your niche markets you magic number is 1M-3 Million+ more you need to find the areas they are in ( Your Prospective Customers) then you will make it happen with content marketing using serps in our next step if you would like free training on this join as a member and we will offer a free training on how to take it to the next level after your theme has been selected and your hosting and domain of course.

My goal with this site is to offer easy training free because no one helped me learn and i want to help you as much as i can!


Using Problem solving to find a hot niche subcategories, that has not been tapped into …

Find Obscure niche markets

Another one is.. singing courses is a good one you can offer articles and videos and offer Masterclass as option as a affiliate you can offer free information and then up sell related products or services  and local coaching with verified singing coaches as an app.

Sometimes, your not selling a physical product but if you are Amazon Associates is a good one but i have more for you on the video podcast and also audio podcast i have prepared for this week a few ways to find some niche markets and we do have a brand new guide we are offering FREE

Here are a few Affiliate Programs 

  • Amazon Associates 
  • CJ 
  • Ebay 
  • JVZOO 

Want more listen to our podcast what our videos on Youtube


Pro Tip :How to use Keyword and trends the right way!

Key focus here is to Use Google Trends and find a market based on LSI-keywords and tried and tested categories as a keywords people use in commerce and also in the blog world as well as the video world so be kind to search on google use alt tags customize your images and make original content do not just put up a site sure set up a one page website but offer pages of content that are based on keywords and add products to your website to make things look more legit this doesn’t mean selling a product actually for some but it can mean getting a email or a video view or even a phone call to your call center or a CPA ad website you run it really doesn’t matter!

What does matter is that you have a set product service audience aka traffic source of people interested demographics is where they are and what can you pay to make that possible.Keywords are a way to get free traffic what are people searching for and how you can leverage their intent with your own content that may intentionally get them to buy from you based on your content if your  content is good like a dog guide to keep your dog healthy or a Organic plant Growing guide for natural mothers and fathers  who want to grow there own vegetables and fruits to create organic baby food.

Maybe you are a marketer and you want to create small eBooks and re purpose your old blog post’s into a eBook.Amazon has a video upload option for Prime users you can create courses via Amazon as low as five minutes and add a series of videos do not pan and zoom and use over the shoulder or footage just a FYI we will cover ways to make $$$ with Amazon on our podcast this week be sure to tune in!


Niche market research how to find a affiliate market to make money with online

Everyone is not as smart as you think they are…. be mindful of the fact a newbie you need to focus on a niche  not multiple sure in time as you win in one market move on to the next but for now focus on trends and markets with issues not just about the money.We have a full training if you would like to attend go to our RSVP section and register to learn more for now here is your free lesson just add your email and we will send free email training’s.


Coming soon Video SEO will be a focus next week as we help small you tubers start making more $$$ all this month we are focusing on Video seo as a service and a skill and we are focused on Content marketing ads and Facebook stores if you need to get help with views try our private forum idea using Blogger. We have a niche focused channel we started to help content creators get more views.



Listen to the Podcast to SEE – How it’s Done!|Here are three areas we are going to focus on in our course

  • Paid traffic versus Free Organic traffic tactics and tips
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • How to advertise with forums and groups casually

Watch the Video on Our YouTube Channel enjoy our free replay training on January 26, 2019

Affiliate Marketing How to Find a Niche Guide 2019
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Well its no one size fits all answer if that were the case everyone would have a small to large based business. Instead here are a few ways to find a niche market these actionable steps can be used for regular market research but today we will reveal the formula to find a affiliate marketing niche market You can make money with we cannot guarantee results but we can offer advice that will increase your chances of success!
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